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Converted 1121AP's stuck on same controller


I've just downgraded our AIR-AP1121G-E-K9 Autonomous AP's to LWAPP using WCS 4.2 I cannot get them to register with another controller. I have manually set the AP to use a Primary and Secondary controller, but once reset the AP always connects to the same Controller. I have tried a factory reset on the AP too with the same result. Our other AP's that are purchased LWAPP's work fine! I can move them around six different controllers!!

The problem seems to be with the downgraded AP's They are running 12.4(10b)JA

Any Ideas??



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Re: Converted 1121AP's stuck on same controller

You have to make sure you add the SSC to the other WLC. Then the LWAP will be able to join the other WLC.

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Re: Converted 1121AP's stuck on same controller

Oh dear, does this mean I have to manually input all 500 of my converted AP's hash keys into all 8 controllers?

Sounds like a major major issue, unless there is a simple way to correct this now.



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Re: Converted 1121AP's stuck on same controller

Hi Matt,

Just to add a note to the great info from Scott. You can use the WCS to push this info out to all the WLC's using this method;

Configuring an Access Point Authorization Template

Follow these steps to add an access point authorization template or make changes to an existing template. These templates are devised for Cisco 11xx/12xx series access points converted from IOS to LWAPP or for 1030 access points connecting in bridge mode.

Step 1 Choose Configure > Controller Templates.

Step 2 From the Security selections in the left sidebar menu, choose AP authorization.

Step 3 If you want to add a new template, choose Add Template from the Select a command drop-down menu and click GO. To make modifications to an existing template, click a MAC address in the AP Base Radio MAC column. The AP Authorization Template appears (see Figure 9-12), and the number of controllers the template is applied to automatically populates.

Step 4 Select the Import from File check box if you want to import a file containing access point MAC addresses.

Note You can only import a .csv file. Any other file formats are not supported.

Step 5 Enter the file path from where you want to import the file.

Step 6 Click Save.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Converted 1121AP's stuck on same controller

Thanks Rob and Scott!

Once into the AP Authorization Template all 500 AP's where there already listed with the hash keys. I simply applied the template to my eight controllers, and then ticked the "Allow SSC-APs" tick box on each controller.

Working great now.

Thanks for your help once again.

Matt :-)

BTW, What are your opions on migrating to WCS & WLC version 5??

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