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Deploying Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Radio Newtwork

I have three sites to connect. Site A is about 25km from site B and site C is about 2km from site A. I have the following equipment:- 2 AIR-BR1410A-A-K9-N Radios, 2 AIR-BR1410A-x-K9 Radios, and 2 9dbi Omnidirectional Antennas.

My Configurations are as follows:

(a) Root bridges at Repeater site between sites A and B using Omnidirectional Antennas at both sides.(18km)

(b) Site A is a point to mount point i.e to Site C (integrated Antenna 22.5 dbi)and Repeater site (Omnidirectional Antenna 9dbi).

(c) Repeater site is also a point to mount point ie to site B (7km -Integrated Antenna 22.5 dbi) and back to Site A.

But the problem is that the Radios are not able to see each other (associate) between Site A and Repeater Site and between Repeater site and site B. The latter has a very weak signal.

Please help



Re: Deploying Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Radio Newtwork

what were the results of the path analysis? a 25km bridge shot is no joke!

Rather than trying to shoehorn the equipment you have into the environment you are designing it should be the other way around; you need to let the survey determine the equipment you need.

There are many things working against you here such as fresnel zone, curvature of the earth, interfering RF.

You will have to perform (or have performed for you) a thorough path analysis to determine whether or not the link is even feasible. The longest link I ever (helped) put together and it was only 15 miles. I will never do one that long again. The area was central Florida where it is relatively flat but we still needed a 6ft parabolic dish 200 feet in the air on one side and a similar setup on the other. It still took almost a month to zero it in properly.

Perhaps you need to hire this one out. You may find you need to be in a lower frequency to pull this off with any reliabilty.

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