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Design Question for Large Warehouse

What is the best product for a 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse? I am leaning towards the 1100 series.

Do you guys use small switches such as the 2950 or the new 2940's to link the APs back to the closet? Use the power injector for each AP to enable us to centralize the power jacks (or an inline powered switch such as the 3550)? Is this best practice?

What antenna would you recommend for coverage? the cieling is about 40 - 60 ft high. No high racks, it's a manufacturing area.

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Re: Design Question for Large Warehouse

AP 1100 would work, but then a site survey should help you place the unit at a optimal location.

We do use 2900's with power injectors for APs. and its depends on the closet racks, in our case. If we have more than 7 AP connections comming in, we try to replace the 2900 switch with a inline powered one just to keep the closets tidy.

You could use a squint( patch panel antenna)placed high abovet,or if you ahve to servie a certain area of the warehouse use a sector antenna. I guess you should fine information about diffrent types of anetenna on cisco web-site.

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Re: Design Question for Large Warehouse

Unless they redesigned the 1100's, you do not have an option for external antennas, only the internal omni.

With that big of a building to cover, I would imagine that it would be more cost effective to get some 1200's with medium gain omni's and some sector antennas. Then again it all depends on the shape of the building, among other things.

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