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Desktops in Wifi 802.11n


Our customer ir building new service center and asked for wired and WLAN proposal.

They will have ~15 pc located in 2-3 near rooms and as Wifi we're going to offer Cisco 1252. Also they will use wifi VOIP phones.

Since it's new building they could save $$ on cabling if they put all PC's and printers on WIFI (802.11n). (via PCI or USB Linksys cards)

Is that good idea?

I have heard that since AP works more like a hub (only one device in givem time can connect to AP), there could be a lot of problems if all PC's will try to work via WIFI.

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Re: Desktops in Wifi 802.11n

Wireless is not a replacement for wired. 15 PC is not much of an issue for a wireless network unless you are working with big files. It is not a bad idea since in an enterprise organization might have more users per AP. As long as you survey for your voice coverage and have adequate number of access points to support users and phone, you should be fine.

Wireless uses CSMA/CA so instead of carrier detect, wireless uses collision avoidance. Only one user can transmit at a given time.

Doesn't matter if the device is a PC or laptop, you have to adjust your survey to accommodate the density of devices along with IP phones.

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Re: Desktops in Wifi 802.11n

What tools & software you would advise to use for site surveys?

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