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New Member

Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

I've recently installed 140 + 1131 LWAPP AP's w/ 3 controllers in a N+1 configuration and a WCS. We're using a blue socket appliance for authentication so there is no security for the client to deal w/ when connecting to the AP, just to authenticate to the system.

The problem that I'm having is that some of our students that have PDA's can't connect to the system. Even my Dell D400 notebook can't connect now (using the intel 2200bg internal nic).

Does anyone know of a list that's available that shows what devices are known to have problems connecting w/ 1131's in LWAPP configuration?

Thank you for your time,

Robert Maldonado

Sr. System Administrator


Re: Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

When you say cant connect to the system do you mean cant associate to an AP or cant get an IP address?

LWAPP should have no bearing on the clients ability to associate. Radio is radio; either it works or it doesn't.

Particularly if there is no security for the client to deal with. Is the ssid configured properly on both sides? I would check this first.

Cisco Employee

Re: Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

There isn't a list of client adapters as a whole that experience incompatibilities.

However, there are a number of client adapters that didn't properly send WPA MIC frames (including the Intel 2200). You would be seeing WPA MIC validation errors in your logs and the client would be excluded for 60 seconds before being let back on the wireless network. This was corrected with a driver upgrade early 2006. So, if you are using recent drivers this shouldn't affect you. In addition, it didn't sound like you were using WPA.

I would capture a wireless trace of the clients attempting to associate. TAC can certainly assist in interpreting this.

New Member

Re: Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

I had a similar issue, some slow devices, all b, wouldn't connect until I set required on 1 and 2 Mbps. I also get MIC errors:

Received TKIP Michael MIC failure report from the station xxxx.xxxx.xxxx on the packet (TSC=0x0) encrypted and protected by pairwise key.

But it doesn't seem to affect the mac it's addressing, it never losses conectivity. Is this the error you mentioned mikraus? I am using WPA.

New Member

Re: Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

Upgrade to driver or later. Don't get confused by the "proset" version which will show 10.0.x.x even for 9-series drivers. Most connectivity issues seem to have been resolved for 2200BGs.

New Member

Re: Device Compatability Issues with 1131 AP's

FYI - After we upgraded the WLC's and WCS to the latest version of software, my laptop automaticly reconnected to the wireless environment (1131 and 1240 AP's) with no problem.

NOTE: We do not currently use any encryption as we're forcing our using through an authentication appliance.