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DHCP Client will not work on a WLAN 4402

Wireless Scenario

I am attempting to create a wireless network using a 4402 WLAN Controller and 1200 series LWAPP access points.

The WLAN Controller has the following interface settings:

Management Interface

Ap-Manager Intereface

Virtual Interface

VLAN 451

I have two access points that both pulled a DHCP Address and recognize the WLAN Controller.

Access Point 1

Access Point 2

I have configured the WLAN Controller to use the Cisco ACS Server for Authentication. I am using LEAP at present, but intend to go with certificate based authentication at a later date. The ssid I am using is ybor-wirenew. The client gets authenticated and associated but does not get an IP Address from DHCP.

I have tried the internal DHCP server on the controller, and although the wireless client gets a 10.29.64.x address it will not communicate with the default gateway or the rest of the network.

The only thing that works is creating a scope on the 10.71.50.x network. The client then gets an address and functions normally.

I need this to work across subnets. Is there something that I am missing???

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Re: DHCP Client will not work on a WLAN 4402

Hey try the dhcp "option 43" on your dhcp server.- this

information you will get from 4400 series controller manuals from documentation section on cisco website.

It looks like you have issues on subnets here.

Also check your vlan 451 is setup up properly and check the default gateway is correctly set.


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Re: DHCP Client will not work on a WLAN 4402

The problem is with your AP's and wireless clients being in the same subnet/vlan. I learned the hard way the thw WLC's expect the AP's to appear like any other client device on your wired network. Once they are associated with the WLC, your wireless clients are dropped into a different VLAN/subnet. An example config would be:

Management - VLAN 1

AP-Manager - VLAN 1


Wireless Clients - 10.0.3.x VLAN 3

There are other known issues with crossing address space and the service port on the WLC.

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Re: DHCP Client will not work on a WLAN 4402

hi ,

help me plz,

i have 1 WLAN 4402, 1 wireless controller 2710, and about 12 access point 1242.

what should i must config on WLan 4402, on controller 2710, and on AP 1242.

can you send me some document step by step?

thank you very much!!

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Re: DHCP Client will not work on a WLAN 4402

Sounds like your WLAN is still mapped to the management interface.

#1 - Make sure you have an interface using VLANtag541

#2 - Go to WLAN, and select the inteface from #1

Let us know if this solves the issue.


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