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Dhcp on L2 Vlan Brodcasting for an address without int ip

I am trying to figure out how to get a L2 dhcp request to pass thru controller and the clinet get an IP. Currently it is a L2 request only and the dhcp server is on the same subnet ( not using controller for dhcp) No ip on the external dhcp server ( Dhcp via L2 broadcast) The client will eventually get an ip after a minute thirty seconds after it gets the microsoft autoip add 169.x.x.x , then the client gets assigned a ip from the dhcp server.What i really need is DHCP passthru and not relay or proxy , the controller just pass the traffic... can this be done i am getting nowhere with cisco support&tac. I need to use this external dhcp server, i cannot use internal dhcp. the external dhcp server hands out /30 addressing...

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Re: Dhcp on L2 Vlan Brodcasting for an address without int ip

I have had a need for this in the past. From talking with TAC this is not supported yet. That was about 6 months ago. The only thing I could suggest as a work around is that you get a 2nd nic for your DHCP server and set it up on your wireless client vlan. Not the best solution but it will work.

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