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DHCP Option 60

I currenltly have a WLC running 4.1. I've setup DHCP on W2k3 many times with no problems at all. In the document I use from Cisco it states to use Option 60 to specify the AP Model. First is this option really needed, as I've got AP's working by just using Option 43? Second I have two differnt types of AP's and I don't want to create two differnt DHCP Scopes becuase you can only specify Option 60 once. Is there a way around this on a Windows 2k3 box Thanks

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Re: DHCP Option 60

You should understand that DHCP 43 and DHCP 60 are both needed and ofcourse they combine together to send the controller IP address to a registering LAP. The DHCP server is configured for DHCP option 60 to know the Access points VCI string value. The DHCP option 43 is used to return the controller IP address in response to receiving a DHCP request from LAP specified in Option 60. Here is the CLI configuratione example:

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