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Difference between L-LIC-CT3850-UPG and LIC-CTIOS-1A

Dear All,


Does anybody could help me clarifying the difference between L-LIC-CT3850-UPG and LIC-CTIOS-1A for Catalyst 3850 Converged Access. I´m designing a new Wifi solution for my customer using 03 WS-C3850-48F-E in stacking mode (consider a fresh installation - no equipaments in this building - it is a new building). In the CCW configurator I just see the LIC-CTIOS-1A to choose as AP license - no top level SKU on the output. However the customer is persisting the L-LIC-CT3850-UPG must be bought. Does anybody could clarify me the difference between the two part numbers. It´s not clear on cisco docs that I searched.

Please see the attached printscreen from CCW configurator.


TIA. Kristiane Araujo


Community Member

I too am a little confused

I too am a little confused with LIC-CTIOS-1A.   

i got an offer for 3850 switch with stacking cable for a little more than 5000USD  and price for LIC-CTIOS-1A  is given to me as  285USD. does it mean that i need 50x285= 14200USD to just enable the wireless controller future on the 3850? if so it is unbelievably expensive!  the 5508 with 50 licenses costs less than $10,000 and besides the 5508 has the potential to control 500 access points if more licenses are bought for it, however the 3850 max capacity is 50 access points only. that means 3850 has less capacity and future when it comes to its wireless controller functionality and yet to just enable this future 14200usd is unacceptable. 

am missing something here?  may be paying for LIC-CTIOS-1A  will give 50 AP capacity to the 3850 switch? if this is the case it is ok.  can anyone confirm this? I am unable to find any doc attesting this fact.




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