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Difference between L2 and L3

What exactly are the differences between using L2 mode against a L3 mode for WLC?


Re: Difference between L2 and L3

In a nutshell, L3 provides for more flexibility & scalability in AP deployment.

The technical definition:

"The mechanics and sequencing of Layer 3 LWAPP are similar to Layer 2 LWAPP except that the packets are carried in UDP packets instead of being encapsulated in Ethernet frames."

Logical definition

L2 limits the APs to the same vlan as the ap-management, whereas L3 allows the APs to be in a different subnet

Here is the url that goes in depth about lwapp:

Re: Difference between L2 and L3

In the immortal words of Michael Brado, original Airespace Engineer, and Cisco TAC, "Layer 3 is your friend"! Layer 3 really enables IP applications on your network.

Re: Difference between L2 and L3

Not to mention that fact that L2 is going the way of the 1000 series APs EOL

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