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Different VLANs on a single WLC

I have about 400 users at a site. I want to limit the number of users to about 200 users per VLAN. So I need to configure 2 VLANs in my WLC. Question: Can my users roam between APs that are connected to different VLANs? Will their IP address stay the same or will they be given a new IP address?


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Re: Different VLANs on a single WLC

Hi Friend,

Yes the users can roam across the APs which are in different vlans and will still retain their original ip address.

The ip address and vlan assignment is as per the WLAN to which interface it is mapped so it is really does not matter your client is getting associatted to which AP it will retain its IP address when it roams across.

You need to keep in mind one thing if you have more than 1 controllers which I am sure you must be having that you need to configure the controllers in same mobility group.

To read more about mobility



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Hi Ankur, The link specified

Hi Ankur,


The link specified is not opening.

Please let me know if we have a single controller Cisco WLC 2504 and 2 different VLANs configured for same SSID, will the clients be able to roam between the floors (which are separate VLANs).

It is on if they do not retain their original IP address?


We have a single Cisco 2504 WLC with a single local SSID e.g. msc-emp. There are two floors in the office and we have two different subnets configured for WLAN access to both the floors, & The LWAPs are configured in Flex-Connect mode and use VLAN mapping for assigning the IP addresses differently to respective floor users. There is Layer 3 ehther-channel running between the floors.

The problem occurs when the users roam between the floors and need to manually disconnect and reconnect to the same SSID, but different subnet. Can we configure the WLC or SSID to allow the users to roam with out disconnecting and reconnecting between the floors?

Please let me know if any further details are required from my side.

Thanks in advance for the prompt reply.









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Anand,FlexConnect doesn't


FlexConnect doesn't support layer 3 roaming. So if users roam from one floor to another with your design, roaming would break. 


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Thanks Scott, Please share

Thanks Scott,


Please share any document if available so that i can present it to my management to support this issue with flexconnect.


Thanks again,



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Search this link for layer 3

Search this link for layer 3 and there is a note stating that layer 3 roaming is not supported with FlexConnect local switching.  Hope this helps.


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Thanks Scott, Is there a way

Thanks Scott,


Is there a way we can get Layer 3 roaming between subnets by adding or upgrading the LWAPs or the WLC. Is there a way for achieving this?


Thanks again for the extended support.




To achieve layer 3 roaming

To achieve layer 3 roaming you would need to bring the capwap back to the WLC so it can handle the layer 3 roam. Flex connnect can't do it .. 

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Yes, the users can roam

Yes, the users can roam between APs that are connected to different VLAN.

Clients roaming between two or more foreign controllers mapped to a single anchor WLC with an interface group configured will be able to maintain its IP address.