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Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

I only have 802.11g clients in my site, so I want to disable 802.11b in the controller. What is the right methold to do it? Should I set the rate below 11Mbps as "Disable" and set 54M bps as "Mandatory" or configure 802.11g in the "Radio Policy" per SSID?

Will the AP operate in mix mode if wireless client of other's SSID is detected in air?

How can I know if the AP is operated in mix mode?


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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

Hi ,

best practise would be to set radio policy per SSID

Sniffing the Air would let you know the AP behaviour ; let me know if you need more info

- Seema

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

Dear Cisco/expert,

Please answer this.

It was posted Oct06 & still no reply ?!?!

I have a similar question:

- please give a details technical "nuts and bolts" explanation of what the WCS WLAN Template

dropdown "Radio Policy" does.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

In all of the documentation I located about configuring 802.11g only ( disabling 802.11b ), the documentation and information indicated to configure the Data Rates of 1,2,5.5,11 Mbps from Mandatory to Disabled. However, Utilizing a Wireless LAN Controller I have found this not to allow 802.11g connectivity even if you set one or a number of the other Data Rates to Mandatory.

In testing I found the 802.11g Client Adapters were always utilizing a Data Rate of 1 Mbps to make initial connectivity.

To accomplish 802.11g only connectivity and disable 802.11b connectivity I found the following worked:

On the WLC go to WIRELESS

Under Global RF, Select 802.11b/g Network

Set the Data Rates as follows:

1.0 Mbps - Supported

2.0 Mbps - Disabled

5.5 Mbps - Disabled

6.0 Mbps - Disabled

9.0 Mbps - Disabled

11.0 Mbps - Disabled

12.0 Mbps - Mandatory

18.0 Mbps - Supported

24.0 Mbps - Supported

36.0 Mbps - Supported

48.0 Mbps - Supported

54.0 Mbps - Supported

Select the Apply button at the top window.

The results of the above configuration prevents 802.11b connectivity because 802.11b clients do not support the Data Rate of 12 Mbps which is configured as Mandatory.

The configuration of the Data Rate of 1 Mbps as Supported allows the 802.11g clients to establish initial connectivity and then set their Data Rate to the best possible Data Rate.

Disabling the Data Rates 2.0 Mbps through 11.0 Mbps prevents wireless connectivity at these Data Rates.

The configuration provided above allows 802.11g clients to connect at 12 Mbps and above and prevents 802.11b clients from connecting.

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

Update to previous post: After several software upgrades to the WLC software (not sure at which version), I discovered the 1 Mbps setting of "Supported" was no longer required for my 802.11g clients to connect. Currently running the latest WLC software (version 4.2.61) with the 802.11b/g with 1 Mbps set to "Disabled" (in addition to the settings in the previous post) and have not experieced any 802.11g connectivty issues.

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

You are right... you disable all the 802.11b data rates: 1, 2.2, 5.5 and 11 and Depending on what you want your 802.11g minimum data rate, 6.0 can be set to mandatory and 9 supported and 12 and up supported.

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

Hey guys, Hope you are all well.

So, I am having a look at my WLCs at the moment, and there are about 50 clients, just probing, and it says that these clients are running protocol 802.11b (as I have all data rates enabled)


when they are assosiated, it reports the clients as using 802.11g.

This is for all clients, in the areas.

I am looking to also turn off 802.11b, and just wanted to know if there is any update on having the B rates disabled, and setting all other to supported? Do you need a mandatory?

Many thx indeed,


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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

Can anyone confirm whether or not I should do both change WLAN radio policy to .g-only and also disable lower data rates or just one or the other. I want to be certain that absolutely no .b-clients associate to my APs.

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC

If that is the case then I would disable the lower data rates as described above and then set the radio policy for the SSID to 802.11g only.

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Re: Disable 802.11b/g mixed in WLC


To beat this dead horse some more!

Running 7.0.98, on WLCs and 500+ 1142 access points

If set WLAN Radio Policy to 802.11a/g only

My 802.11b clients can not connect. ( good )

The 802.11b/g/n Network Data Rates do not change. ( good I believe ? )

My Question: Is this the current correct way to stop 802.11b compatibility mode on the 2.4GHz radios for each WLAN configured?

  "Just pick Radio Policy 802.11a/g only"

  "Do not change any of the Data Rates from Mandatory to Disabled or 12Mbps to Mandatory, etc?"



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