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Discover AP's that are in the proximity of each other?

After running a report on "Busiest AP's" we have found one to be saturated and have been attempting to investigate which AP's are near it.

In this particular solution we run approximately 50 Cisco 3502I AP's with a 5500 series controller. Cisco Prime has this controller in it's data base and a map has been created of the site with some of the AP's placed. Usually we would examine the heat map and go from there.

In the case that there was no Cisco Prime WLC heat map available, is there a way to determine which AP's are in the vicinity of this saturated AP? For example is there a command from the AP or an option from the WLC that will show that AP's neighbours?



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On Prime 2.1, you can go to

On Prime 2.1, you can go to Monitor and select the AP you want, then when screen opens select the 'Interfaces' tab.

On this screen, click through the wireless protocol URL links and a new screen opens up.

At the bottom of this screen is a list of Rx neighbours showing RSSI and channel used etc.


This might be of help to you.



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