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Do power lines cause interference?

I have a client who wants to connect two sites with wireless bridges. We have two hurdles: The first is to gain enough height to clear a row of trees in an easement. The second is that in the same easement there are high voltage transmission lines that I will have to "shoot through" to get to the other site. How much interference can I expect from the power lines? As far as the height of the antenna, I can use a few Rohn 25G sections to achieve the height. I plan to use Yagi antennas, and the distance between the sites is about a half mile. The distance from one site to the easement with the power lines is about 75 - 100 yards. Any suggestions or unforseen issues?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Do power lines cause interference?

The power company is not allowed to transmit from their lines. They must fix any transformer or connection that is transmitting. Every power company is required by the FCC to have the capability to detect and repair any line that is causing interference. You can find more information about power line interference at . Just search on interference.

Also you may want to orient the antennas to horizontal polarization, to reduce interference from other band users.

Good luck.

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