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Downside of using Non-FCC in US

We have 6 radios on order, and found out at the last moment that they are -N instead of -A radios. Can these still be used in the US? I know there are 8 less channels available in the 5.0 range, but other than that, I am unable to find anything else as to what is different. Cisco is the one who said these are for our area, but I am thinking that we are a long way from Mexico.


Re: Downside of using Non-FCC in US

It's technically not legal to use devices that aren't FCC approved, even if they use the same frequencies. I would contact your Cisco rep and have them send -A radios overnight to you.

Re: Downside of using Non-FCC in US

This is a guess on my part. But you have to put the controller into a country code and wondering if the APs dont match that what will happen.

I would rma and get the correct one.

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Re: Downside of using Non-FCC in US

Looks like a moot point, thankfully the distributer caught the error in the part number and changed the deviation to the correct part number.

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