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Easy Secure Wireless Authentication??

I would like to know how I can setup Cisco Switches or Access Points to allow wireless clients to connect without having to do any special configurations on the clients side while at the same time ensuring network security but at the same time requiring username password encryption. Plain open wireless authentication has no security but is easy to connect to, PEAP, LEAP, WPA are more secure but a pain to have to configure on the client side. Idealy I would like to setup a way to do this similar to the way Wireless ISPs at airports/hotels/etc have a simple online page to setup an account (although I don't need the billing portion). We are running Cisco 1200 Access Points, and have a Cisco Secure ACS Hardware device integrated with our domain controllers that I would like to use for this. Any suggestions or links?


Re: Easy Secure Wireless Authentication??

Cisco developed EAP-FAST to support customers who cannot enforce a strong password policy and wish to deploy an 802.1X EAP type that does not require digital certificates, supports a variety of user and password database types, supports password expiration and change, and is flexible, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. For example, a customer using Cisco LEAP who cannot enforce a strong password policy and does not want to use certificates can migrate to EAP-FAST for protection from dictionary attacks.

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