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Ekahau vs AirMagnet

Trying to find out which one does what with regards to MSE and Prime, can the raw data be used from either or are their specific things that one does that the other doesn't?

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Sorry for the late response -

Sorry for the late response - I completely missed this. 

I'm not sure about AM, but with Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) (these days the tool that's taught in most Cisco classes I believe) you can:


  • Design the Wi-Fi network with ESS and then export maps, AP locations and walls to Prime
    (avoid doing the same things over again in two different tools)
  • Perform a site survey with ESS, then export the surveyed data to MSE
    (calibrate MSE)
  • Import stuff (maps, ...) from Prime to ESS


If there's further integration you'd need, let's talk.


For any further questions, let me know.



Jussi / Ekahau

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Hello Jussi

Hello Jussi


Hope you are doing good.


We are planning to purchase a wireless site survey tool. However comparing the pricing with Airmagnet tool, for the same feature set the pricing offered by Ekahau is much higher than that of Airmagnet.


Might be I am missing some key features offered as part of Ekahau tool. Could you please list of the advanced features that are offered in Ekahau and not in Airmagnet?

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