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env_vars file and LWAPP Migration


I wonder if any one can help?

We are migrating over 360 WAP to LWAPP and have encountered an issue associated with the env_vars file.

It appears that the env-vars file is referenced during the LWAPP migration tool upgrade process and the env_vars file contains out of date IP information that results in the newly converted LWAPP device having an incorrect IP address of incorrect DNS address.

We have tried deleting the env_vars file without success, as a 'reload' as part of the migration process recreates the dodgy env_vars information.

Is there any way to find the location of the old IP information that is being used by the WAP to create the env_vars file? It is not the running config, as the IP info is years out of date, so it must be hidden somewhere in flash?

Is there a way to find out where and then delete it?

Does anyone else have a solution that does not involve me having to climb a ladder 360 times and physically remove the WAP, perform a local upgrade and then re-install it?

thank you for any advice




Re: env_vars file and LWAPP Migration

The env_vars file will be stored in the flash directory on the AP. You can use the following command to list the contents of the flash directory.

ap#dir flash:

You can use the procedure explained in the document,

to upgrade from autonomous to LWAPP mode.

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