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First time outdoor wireless survey with no existing WLAN

I've done a fair amount of outdoor wireless surveys, but they've always been for clients with existing wireless networks. Now I have my first opportunity to perform my an outdoor wireless survey where there is no existing WLAN.

I have my AirMagnet, AP and antennas that we plan to deploy (test what you use, use what you test), power source, potential AP locations, GPS, maps, etc. The thing I don't have is a way to mount the antennas temporarily for the survey. Anyone know of an easy way to adapt the AIR-2465P-R and/or the AIR-2485P-R to a camera tripod? Ideally, I'm going to "stick" the antennas to the building walls where we plan to mount the antennas, but I'm looking for alternatives...

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Re: First time outdoor wireless survey with no existing WLAN


Ive always used a tripod of the stage lighting type, aluminium pretty lightweight and 3.5metres.

To attach the ap and antenna always used cable ties. Quick and easy to get off and back in the car. String a few together if you need longer lengths

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Re: First time outdoor wireless survey with no existing WLAN

Hi Robert,

The one I can recommend for mounting the heavyweight Cisco 1500 and other AP's is the outdoor WiFi Surveyor at  Professional and USA-made

It has a rolling capability with 5 wheels, 2 battery compartments, 2 poles to support the AP that can extend up to 14 ft.. It has a rugged retractable platform for a wider base. A U-mount is provided to mount the heavy AP and 2 bracket adaptors to mount regular weight AP's. They do custom mounts of non-Cisco APs too both vertical and horizontal mounts. You can tiedown the whole set-up in a bucket truck or fork lift if you want  to get to higher than 15 ft.

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