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Flex Connect Across Multiple VLANS same SSID

I just need to find that if we have flex connect setup for differnet vlans using single controller, will roaming works when client connects to AP in a differnet VLAN but using same SSID.

Example below:

1) Client connects to AP on specific SSID mapped to VLAN 100, get an IP address ..all good at this point

2) Client walks and connects to a differnet AP on same SSID but mapped to VLAN this point I observe client doesnt get a new IP address in fact it retain IP from step-1 and there is no connectivity

3) Client walks back to first AP and connectivity is restored

Why in step-2 client doesnt gets a new IP from VLAN 200 even when it shows connected to AP.

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Re: Flex Connect Across Multiple VLANS same SSID

I do not think L3 roaming is supported in FlexConnect.

Also it is normal behaviour, client should not change the IP as it will break the connectivity & for smooth roaming client should retain the original IP.



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Re: Flex Connect Across Multiple VLANS same SSID

Just to add to Rasika.... L3 isn't supported....I just ran into this a few days ago.... clients should request another dhcp when roaming to another FlexConnect AP that is mapped to a different VLAN.  The issue is, that some clients don't try to renew their dhcp address and gets stuck with the default 169.x.x.x.  I see this with Apple devices in general and what we are going to do is get rid of the multiple vlan setup (vlan per floor) and create a bigger vlan that the SSID will be mapped to.



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