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Flexconnect AP directly connected ASA interface


recently I am trying to implement flexconnect for our remote branches. The configuration example what I have got from cisco is But unfortunately it is not possible to set the command on HP switch as default router <IP address> under vlan and also no option to configure ip helper as well. Because it is a layer-2 switch. I have connected the AP directly to ASA and create the native dhcp one of the ASA interface. The AP get the IP address from ASA and see the log on remote ASA that it find the controller by name resolution. But on controller itself cannot find the AP and after few seconds the AP reboot. Last time when the AP was connected on the swtich it get the dhcp IP from the dhcp server as well it was found on the controller. The configuration on the controller for the flex connect local switching and the also the AP was set for flex connect and also for vlan support. As I mention how could I configure the local switching dhcp option on ASA. I have configured for the local swithing VLAN on ASA and assign one IP address. But it is not working because I have to set the default router IP. One thing to mention there is no VPN between these two locations. They are connected over etherconnect. So there is no configuration for NAT on ASA or any special configuration for VPN.

Remote Location


AP-> Layer 2 switch -> ASA-> Cisco Router------- Internet -------- Cisco Router->ASA->Layer 2 switch->Controller

I would be glad if anyone get send any example in this scenario.

thanks in advance


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