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Guest Access - Web Authentication


I have recently setup a WLC at a loctaion.

Everything is fine excpet the guest access.

I have selected Web-Auth for the guest wireless network.

Users can connect to the guest network with no isses, but when they open IE the web login page doesn't appear. In fact the tab shows that the session is connecting to the web login page, but it doesn't get there.

We have the same setup for many other WLCs, and they all work. The setup on each controller appears to be the same.

What have I missed?

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Re: Guest Access - Web Authentication

Hi RV,

How do you know the session is connecting to the web login page? Is the browser warning you it is navigating to a secure site?

I assume that the clients on the new controller are getting authenticated by the Foreign Controller (show client summary) and are receiving IP addresses from the Anchor? If not check the WLAN on the new controller has an anchor specified for the guest WLAN.

Have you checked that the mobility control and data paths are up between the new controller and the anchor?

That's all I can think of just now, I hope it helps.


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Re: Guest Access - Web Authentication

Check to make sure that you have DNS resolution available on that VLAN. If the client cannot resolve an IP address the web browser with not redirect. If you gave the virtual inteface a DNS name that name will need to resolve to the IP address of the virtual interface as well.

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