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Guest users in WLC are not logged out after pre defined time.


  My customer wants to create guest users in wireless lan controller. We were successfully able to create that and it worked . But the problem is that to access the internet the users have to change the "proxy server" settings on the internet explorer. As a result the guest users are not logged out automatically after the pre defined amount of time. We enabled " by pass proxy server " settings in internet explorer also, unfortunately it didnt work too.

  If we disable the proxy settings in internet explorer customers were logged out, but the problem is that once the customer log in he will change the proxy settings in internet explorer to browse net  but wont get disconnect unless and untill he manually change the proxy settings in the internet explorer.

  Is there any other way to solve this issue? Can any one provide any alternative solution  if possible.




Re: Guest users in WLC are not logged out after pre defined time

Can you explain how your proxy server has anything to do with your wireless access duration?

Does you proxy server have the logic that stops the internet access after a period of time? If so, I assume you turn proxy off in order to web-authenticate? If so, then you just need to tell the browser to not proxy for the virtual IP address of the WLC.   You'll never get redirected to the webauth page if you don't send a https request to it (as if, your browser is sending it the IP of your proxy server).

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