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Guest Wireless / AP Repeater

Hello all...

I have 2 WAP4410N 's. Both are on the same SSID "Marker Guest", both have the same encryption and password, both are on the same channel. #1 is set up to be a normal AP, allowing repeating of its signal to the MAC of #2, which is set up as a repeater, with a site survey done to get the MAC of #1. The AP is in the downstairs conference room, and the repeater is in the upstairs conference room. When in the upstairs conference room, the signal strength is low to the original downstairs AP, so I added the repeater to the upstairs conference room.

AP #1 in the downstairs conference room is wired into a POE and into our DMZ, which gives DHCP on the range of and up.

IP  Config #1:

IP  Config #2:

Now, with both powered on, I bring my laptop to the upstairs conference room, and connect to the SSID "Marker Guest" which the signal strength now is a full 5 bars. (good so far). I get DHCP from the DMZ like I should, and get an IP of (still good) and can access the internet (still good). Now, when I double click the wireless signal on my XP task tray, it says 2 bars, signal strength low. (hmm) which got me thinking, maybe its not set up right.

So while still connected to "Marker Guest" I give myself a static IP of and try to ping the AP and the repeater. I can ping, but not the repeater on, which leads me to believe its not set up correctly....



Cisco Employee

Re: Guest Wireless / AP Repeater

Hi Ryan,

And if you connect to the Root AP, can you ping the repeater from there?

I would say check again if the repeater has associated to the root AP by verifying on its web page.

good luck


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