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Guest Wireless - procedures for support ??

We are just on the cusp of deploying Guest wireless for
external non-employee visitors to our organisation, using WLC's and the lobby
admin functionality. However the issue of support procedures for these guest
devices is sticking.

Our Desktop support dept will not support potential technically challenged
guest user and his mis configured end device (for want of a better phrase......)

Ourselves in networks by policy do not support end devices as such.

We need a completely remote 'no-remote-human-presence' way to test a user
attaching to a SSID, firing up a browser and authing thru the re-directed to
web interface. Remoting to a PC attached to the remote secure wired network
is NOT ideal as we will then be bridging secure wired corp and non-secure
guest wireless (altho it may have to end up being a variation of that.)

I would be interested to hear how people here troubleshoot their
guest wireless service availability.


New Member

Re: Guest Wireless - procedures for support ??

We have no way of easily testing on-site availibility of our guest wireless network, but the guest wireless wlan is available in our office. So, if an issue arises, basic troubleshooting steps can be taken by trying to connect to the guest ssid from the office. Otherwise, you would have to get creative with something like you're talking about.

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