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H-REAP question

hello experts!!!

please see the attached jpeg.

ap's on the remote are h-reap. :)

wlc code 4.2

there are two ISP's, ISP#1 in the central and ISP#2 in the remote.

right now, wireless client from the remote is using the ISP#1 and it is really slow. the wan link is 4mb.

1. is it possible for the remote side to connect to ISP#2 via the WLC? any ideas please.... :)

2. if so, will that improve the internet speed on the remote?

3. vlan assignment over h-reap configuration is a bit confusing. on the wlc>wireless>all ap's>apxx>h-reap tab, there is a native vlan configuration. for what is this used for? which native vlan should be configured here?

4. also there is h-reap groups. what does this feature do?

5. on the remote switch, when and why should the switch port be TRUNKed or ACCESSed? if i have several ssid's?

6. if the port is to be trunked, which native vlan should be assigned to it? is it the same vlan id as the one configured on the wlc>wireless>all ap's>apxx>h-reap tab?

7. are all wlan configuration from the wlc saved on the h-reap? and if there are 5 ssid's, all these ssid's will still be active, even if connection to the wlc is lost?

8. does h-reap local switching works only after the wlc connection is lost?



Re: H-REAP question

See the below link for the complete config guide for 4.2

The below link is H-REAP specifically, here you will find answers to the above questions:-


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