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hardware compatibility

This would seem to be pretty straight forward. We have a WLC 5508, software version  We also happen to have 5 LAP1142N-A-K9 WAP's sitting around I'd like to deploy.

I found this document on compatibility:  But the table 1 would seem to contradict the table 2 info.

Table one does NOT specifically list the 1142 as being supported by the software version we are running on the WLC.  However, table two, which is organized by AP device, under the line for the 1142, indicates that the first WLC software to support that WAP was and it is not yet showing a "last" version to support it.

I've seen a few threads that indicate some people have tried to make the 1142 work with the 5508 but the problems they encountered didn't appear to be one of non-supported hardware but rather, configuration issues.  Which leads me to believe that maybe the WLC 5508 does support the 1142, though probably in limited capacity because of the limits of the 1142 itself.

Can anyone confirm that these items do or do not work together?  I need more coverage and these devices are just sitting here doing nothing...seems a shame to waste them...

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1142 work perfect with 7.4

1142 work perfect with . Even in it is fully supported. (that's why last supported column still blank in the compatibility matrix)



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thank you!  I will plug this

thank you!  I will plug this in and see what I can make it do for us.

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