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Header CRC errors on Radio0-802.11G interface

We are receiving numerous CRC errors on the Radio interface for a Cisco 1310. It is a point-to-point bridge connection; both Root and Non-root are generating the errors.

Description (Lifetime-Last 5 seconds)

Header CRC Errors 15088213-125

Protocol Defers 732-1

Invalid Header 353065-1

Energy Detect Defers 4371-2

What needs to be changed? Is this common between bridges? I'm guessing this is affecting the other sites as well (similar config). Thanks in advance.



Re: Header CRC errors on Radio0-802.11G interface

It may be due to signal bounce/propagation. you can try moving the AP to another location and see if the CRC still increase.

The access point is always listening for wireless frames, meaning that if it detects energy, it tries to translate what it hears into 802.11 frames. This could come from clients that are associated to a different AP, it could be from other APs, or any other 802.11 device that is operating on the frequency that the AP is using. Theenergy could also come from wireless phones and other non-802.11 devices. In short, there are a lot of possible sources that can generate traffic.

As a result of the signals that the access point detects, some of them are immediately discarded as "Header CRC errors."

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