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help on Aironet 350 AP upgrade

I have a 350AP with 12.00T, using "Aironet VxWorks to Cisco IOS Conversion Tool" I upgrade to IOS 12.2.13.

My PC has a "Intel 2200bg", I see SSID "tsunami" but I can't connect.

Ethernet led light green

Status led blinking green

As start of point, I don't use any security policy, I use default configuration on AP and no authentication and no data encryption on the client.

I spent a lot of time trying different combination, but I have no result.

Can anyone help me?

Can help me upgrading to newer IOS version?

Can I downgrade to VxWorks? it worked :-)

Thanks Marco


Re: help on Aironet 350 AP upgrade

Your 350 series access point must run one of these VxWorks firmware versions to use the upgrade image:

12.03T, 12.02T1, 12.01T1, 12.00T, 11.23T, and 11.21


Re: help on Aironet 350 AP upgrade

Can anyone verify the IOS Upgrade Image is not compatible with VxW 12.05T? Could these links have been published before 12.05T was available? I have been able to upgrade 12.05T VxWorks APs to IOS using the WLSE with minimal issues, other than occasional link speed/duplex detection problems using switchport PoE. Thanks!

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