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help please!

My 1242 AP's keep getting rebooted everynow and then. I check the traps on the WLC 2006 controller and these are some of the messages that appear right before the wlan freaks out and people lose connection. 3 times this happened and the wlan died completely, and the only messages on the controller traps were: "RX Queue Full" (or something to that affect) over and over again.


Re: help please!

A few comments:

1) The best way to quickly resolve this is to get Cisco TAC involved as soon as possible.

2) Review the radio MAC addresses shown in the traplog.txt file. Are they the same mac addresses of your own APs?

a - If so, this may be indication of a known bug which creates false Disassociation Flood alarms. To my knowledge, it does not cause rebooting of the APs and so may not be the source of your problem.

b - If there really is an actual disassociation flood, it may be that an adjacent neighbor's WLAN control system is using "containment" (which intentionally disassocates wireless clients from APs that their system percieves as "rogue"). I am not sure if (in a real disassociation flood attack) if the radio mac addresses would be spoofed (impersonated) by the APs attempting to do the containment.

As far as the rebooting of the APs goes, some versions of the WLC software have had a known bug that periodically reboots the APs periodically. I believe that this was fixed in version 4.0.155.x. You may want to review the software revisions you are running and decide if it makes sense to upgrade or not.

Again, it is valuable to involve TAC.

Hope this helps,

- John

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Re: help please!

Here is the crash file from when the WLAN died completely.

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