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Help with 1131AP placement


From reading previous posts I have come to the conclusion that mounting 1131APs to the ceiling is the best/preferred option, but what if your ceiling is about 8-9meters high.

I have read that this unit should not be mounted higher than 15feet(4.5meters), is this correct?


Re: Help with 1131AP placement

I would not be that adament... basically, it is true that if the AP is too high, you start losing throughput, then if it is even higher, your clients can't connect anymore. All this depends on the radio (802.11a or 802.11b/g), speed you expect to achieve and distance from which you want to connect.

8-9 m seems a bit high for a normal office indoor typical deployment, but it depends what and how (how far) you plan to connect. Keep in mind that a common issue is that the AP is poweful enough to be heard by the client, but client might be too weak to be heard by the AP upon answering.

In this scenario, I would be suspicious but still test... whereas at 15 feet, I would be confident it would work for most/all client types...



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Re: Help with 1131AP placement

Ideal mounting height should be between 10 and 15 feet, with 20 feet being a recommended maximum. Mounting height should also be carefully considered if you are using the location appliance - keep all of the APs at the same height. Here is an article for location-based services AP installation guidelines:

We have quiet few 1130s mounted on walls (12') because the ceiling height is 25'+

Mounting instructions for 1130 APs:

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