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Help with Web Authentication

Having a couple of issues with web authentication, and not getting much help from Cisco TAC. Basically, I'm trying to set up different login pages for each WLAN (so far I have two) with a 4402 controller running 5.1.151.

For one WLAN, I'm using the internal (default) login page with the following modifications: Cisco Logo is hidden, custom Headline and custom Message. User authentication is done through RADIUS. This works great, but every time I reboot the controller, my custom Message disappears and I get the generic Cisco message, which I don't want. When I add the custom message, I make sure to click Apply and Save Configuration.. don't know if this is a bug or not, anyone else seeing this?

For the second WLAN, because I need a different login page, I've tried using a customized downloaded login page and also an external web page.

For the external web authentication, the documentation says you don't need a pre-authentication ACL and yet without this, the redirect doesn't work. Does anyone have this working without an ACL? Also, the sample login page provided by Cisco does not work and I have no clue what code is needed for the username and password credentials to be passed on to WLC for RADIUS authentication.

As for the customized downloaded login page, I've gotten a sample page from Cisco which they've said they do not support and this page has several issues which I can't seem to get around: it redirects users to the generic welcome page (which we don't want), and does not prompt the user when they enter incorrect credentials (though I can tell the code for this is there).

So, I'm wondering if anyone has either an external or internal login page that is working properly and is willing to point me in the right direction?


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Re: Help with Web Authentication

We have had some similar issues with the controllers not telling user they have used the right username/password, but have solved it. Whether it will help or not we can let you have a copy of our login.tar file if you want, just stick your email address in a reply.

As far as I know, there is only one place to enter a re-direct page, which is in the config for the default web auth page and all web auth methods use this re-direct...that is our experience at least.

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Re: Help with Web Authentication

A copy of the login.tar file would be helpful, thanks (revital at yorku dot ca)! We don't have a redirect URL set (nor do we want to set this), but for some reason the customized login page (from Cisco) redirects users to a default page (the internal default page does not); if your login page does not do this, then that would solve both issues.

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Re: Help with Web Authentication

Please send me also a copy of login.tar file. I am having difficulty in getting the submit button work. But the internal web server is working.

my email is ypingu (at) gmail (dot) com


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Re: Help with Web Authentication

Hi fellas....

I have the same issue in my WLC, do you have any news with the tar file that the other guy send you? Can I have a copy of that in order to update the status of this issue, my email... emorales(at)nuga-sys(dot)com(dot)mx

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: Help with Web Authentication


For the first part (message disappear after reboot). I had similar issue. I spend few hours with TAC. This is bug in 5.1.x. TAC confirmed - check this CSCsw24544 in bug tool. Upgrade to 5.2. Mine advice - you should upgrade to 5.2 or downgrade to 4.2. I have found several other bugs in 5.1, which were confirmed.

Regarding to custom web auth. I am struggling with similar issue here. I hate poor cisco WLC documentation.



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