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Helpless on 802.1x

Please advise me on what settings do I need on cisco ap 1200 (12.2(11)JA1 ) in order configure 802.1x to work on windows xp client (SP1). I have been meddling with the settings but no result. I get authentication failed on cisco 1200 event log. Please kindly help me on this

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Re: Helpless on 802.1x

There is a alot that you have to do to use 802.1x in general. You have to have a radius server, decide on eap-tls which uses digital certificates for clients and server or eap-mds which only requires server side certificates. You also have to setup encryption on the access point. 802.1x on windows xp is hit or miss on a good day and on a roaming wireless network I would not suggest it. take a look at;



Hope this helps

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Re: Helpless on 802.1x

The AP i have is using 12.2 IOS. The document shown for configuration of the firmware is different. Please advise me. I have tried PEAP and EAP-TLS and both do not work. I hve documentation from It is the same as the on Please advise me.

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Re: Helpless on 802.1x

I found 3 links from cco on configuring 802.1x. I don't know what your network looks like so the first one is how to configure your routers if the 802.1x traffice must cross your network. Also there is the link for the ios version complete guide and the chapter on authentication.

routers + 802.1x (fyi)


ios guide


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Re: Helpless on 802.1x

is it mandatory that you use LEAP? thru that Radius server or would you be able to just use WEP, with the 128 bit key?

if you are not going to use that Radius Server and LEAP it would make it a ton easier.

Just set the SSID, IP, SUBNET MASK, and WEP KEY, and you should be good to go.

I've been using XP and been able to connect every time to my Radius server so there should be no problem there.

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