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Hotel Wireless Implementation Question

Hello everyone. I'm totally new to this forum, so please excuse any ignorance. I really look forward to your input.

I will be installing a wireless network in a hotel that our company is building, and I'm planning on using 2-3 Cisco 1130AP's per floor (~200' hall length, 3 floors). I plan on using channels 1, 6, 11 for the AP's.

Here is my issue. There is a hotel right next to ours that is using the same channels for their AP's. I can pretty much walk anywhere in our hotel and see their wireless signal, and if I'm on the side of our hotel, that borders theirs, I can surf on their open wireless network with no problems.

Am I going to run into tons of problems with wireless interference because of this, or should the client computers in our hotel be able to communicate with our AP's without any problems?

This is the first time I've had to deal with a large wireless network within the same proximity of another large wireless network.



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Re: Hotel Wireless Implementation Question

Well, usually you might be able to see a signal, but that signal should be poor. You should do a walk through on each floor and see what channels you see in certain areas. If they too are using 1,6,11, then you can also use those channels, but make sure that in that area that you see channel 6, that you use channel 1 or 11. If the rssi is around -87db, you should be good even if you have ap's on that same channel. You should still perform a site survey at least on one floor. 3 ap's might or migh not get you coverage to the far edges of the room... especially if the ap's will be in the hallways.

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