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how a wireless client select an AP

I have two autonomous APs, 1240 configured with 802.11g. Both aps are configured with "Range" settings in the radio tab.

Depite a client closer to an AP, it also get associate to the farthest AP, as result the communication is intermittent and the end

client is having problems.

What are the best setting to solve this issue?. (For know  I dont need fast-roaming).


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Re: how a wireless client select an AP

Could be alot of things:  Wireless NIC firmware and signal interference are common causes.

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Re: how a wireless client select an AP

The NICs are builtin(DELL) Intel Pro.both ap have the same ios (c1240-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JA1.tar).

I will check with spectrum analyzer the interferences.


Re: how a wireless client select an AP

As you may know already clients dictate roaming. If you are using Intel you have the option of tuning down roaming aggressiveness, which may help. You can also try powering the APs such that they are at equal power. But as Leo mentioned if there is interference on channel with the closest AP the client could likely roam to the the other AP. You can check the noise floor on the client. If its lower then -85 you may have something going on...

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