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How can i hard reset an outdoor 1500 AP?

I am running a WLAN with about 13 outdoor 1500 APs. I have some APs that are powered up but cannot join to the 4404 WCS. Please how can i hard reset the outdoor AP to default?


Re: How can i hard reset an outdoor 1500 AP?

Access point resets. AP has not been connected to a controller for 30 minutes or longer and the AP will reboot automatically.

Not enough power. Intermittent power availability, low AP uptime and AP resets are all indicators of inadequate power availability.

Verify that the PoE port on the switch or router is disabled by checking the PoE LED. If the LED is on continuously or fluttering, disable PoE on the port.

Re: How can i hard reset an outdoor 1500 AP?

Have you tried from the WLC gui?

You can reset the AP to the factory defaults through the wireless LAN (WLAN) controller (WLC). For the reset, the LAP should be registered to the WLC.

Complete these steps:

From the WLC GUI, click Wireless. The Wireless tab provides access to the Cisco WLAN Solution wireless network configuration.

Choose Access Points > Cisco APs, and then click Detail in order to navigate to the window for the specific AP.

Click Clear Config at the bottom of this window. This clears the configuration on the LAP and resets it to the factory defaults.

In order to reset the LAPs to the factory defaults with use of the command-line interface (CLI), issue the clear ap-config ap-name command from the WLC CLI.

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Re: How can i hard reset an outdoor 1500 AP?

Thank you lavramov for the feedback.

However, the outdoor 1500 AP is not registering with the controller. Is there a way to hard reset the 1500 AP when it refuses to register with the controller. The mac address of the AP is on the mac address filter table but however, it does not join the controller even when i plug it directly to the controller switch.



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