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How configure a AP as Repeater with multiple SSID



I have a little issue. I am configuring a Cisco Aironet 1252 as repeater. The root AP have 2 SSID. The authentication mode in first SSID is via mac-address, the other SSID is authenticate via WPA2. How can configure my Cisco Aironet as Repeater with this 2 SSID. Configure just one SSID and this is functional but to configure the second SSID launch me a error (About that infrastructure is already created for another SSID)





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Step 1 

configure terminal

Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2 

interface dot11radio 0

Enter interface configuration mode for the radio interface.

Step 3 

ssid ssid-string

Create an SSID and enter SSID configuration mode for the new SSID. The SSID can consist of up to 32 alphanumeric characters. SSIDs are case sensitive.

Step 4 

authentication open

Enable open authentication for the SSID.

Step 5 

authentication key-management wpa

Enable WPA authenticated key management for the SSID.

Step 6 

infrastructure ssid

Designate the SSID as the SSID that the repeater uses to associate to other access points.

Step 7 

wpa-psk { hex | ascii } [ 0 | 7 ] encryption-key

Enter a pre-shared key for the repeater.

Enter the key using either hexadecimal or ASCII characters. If you use hexadecimal, you must enter 64 hexadecimal characters to complete the 256-bit key. If you use ASCII, you must enter from 8 to 63 ASCII characters, and the access point expands the key for you.

Step 8 


Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 9 

copy running-config startup-config

(Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.

VIP Purple

Hi,This is expected behaviour


This is expected behaviour as REPEATER won't allow multiple vlan/SSID. Repeater only support single vlan & that has to be native vlan as well. Here is some of my own reference for a Repeater configuration




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Cisco Employee

Guidelines for Repeaters

Guidelines for Repeaters


Follow these guidelines when configuring repeater access points:

Use repeaters to serve client devices that do not require high throughput. Repeaters extend the coverage area of your wireless LAN, but they drastically reduce throughput.

Use repeaters when most if not all client devices that associate with the repeaters are Cisco Aironet clients. Non-Cisco client devices sometimes have trouble communicating with repeater access points.

Make sure that the data rates configured on the repeater access point match the data rates on the parent access point. For instructions on configuring data rates, see the "Configuring Radio Data Rates" section.

Repeater access points support only the native VLAN. You cannot configure multiple VLANs on a repeater access point.

Note Repeater access points running Cisco IOS software cannot associate to parent access points that that do not run Cisco IOS software.

Note Repeater access points do not support wireless domain services (WDS). Do not configure a repeater access point as a WDS candidate, and do not configure a WDS access point to fall back to repeater mode in case of Ethernet failure.

Note If multiple BSSIDs are configured on a root access point that is designated as the parent of a repeater, the parent MAC address might change if a BSSID on the parent is added or deleted. If you use multiple BSSIDs on your wireless LAN and a repeater on your wireless LAN is configured to associate to a specific parent, check the association status of the repeater when you add or delete BSSIDs on the parent access point.

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