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How large is an uploaded configuration file

Hi Guys - I am taking security copies of controller configurations from WLCs. The problem I see is that I get inconsistent file sizes and I wondered if anyone knows what might be causing this and what the "typical" file size would be?

Two controllers - both on 4.1.185 - one upload is 755kb, another one is 40kb. Huh!? Doesn't seem right but I can't look into the file and see if it looks complete.

Any thoughts?


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Re: How large is an uploaded configuration file

Are you sure both WLC have identical configs (except IP Addresses)?

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Re: How large is an uploaded configuration file

They are pretty much identical, but I don't think that will account for such a huge disparity.

However we may have tracked this down - the tftp protocol uses UDP to send the data, I think that the UDP transfer is dropping because the tftp server that I use shows an error message although the WLC simply says "Completed".

Another clue here is that if we do the same transfer several times we get different file sizes....

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