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How many SFPs for 5508-50

I know that the 5508 controller has 8 SFP ports but are they all required?  For example, does a 5508-50 with only 30 access points require all 8 SFPs?  I can't seem to find any documentation on this.

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Re: How many SFPs for 5508-50

Hi Christopher,

You don't need all 8 for 30 Ap's.

Cisco 5508 controllers have eight Gigabit Ethernet distribution system ports, through which the controller can manage multiple access points. The 5508-12, 5508-25, 5508-50, 5508-100, and 5508-250 models allow a total of 12, 25, 50, 100, or 250 access points to join the controller. Cisco 5508 controllers have no restrictions on the number of access points per port. However, Cisco recommends using link aggregation (LAG) or configuring dynamic AP-manager interfaces on each Gigabit Ethernet port to automatically balance the load. If more than 100 access points are connected to the 5500 series controller, make sure that more than one gigabit Ethernet interface is connected to the upstream switch.



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Re: How many SFPs for 5508-50

Other than Rob's very accurate post (+5), my rule of thumb is 1Gb per 25 APs.  If you have 2 or more, then it's worthwhile to enable LAG.

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How many SFPs for 5508-50

I have senario like controller 5508 connected with 5 sf-300 PoE switch. My question is if I configure different dynamic vlan's on controller do the same vlan's will be forwarded to sf-300 PoE switch?

How many SFPs for 5508-50

You need the VLANs to be allowed in the switch and they'll be forwarded.

If you have more concerns please drop a new discussion. This one is very old and may not be same issue as yours.

Having different issues with their own discussions make it faster for people that search to find an answer.



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