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How many users per AP?

Hi all...

Hopefully this should be an easy one- We currently have pretty sporadic usage patterns spread over our APs, but we are looking to expand the wireless use base significantly. I am trying to identify if we would need to expand our AP numbers to cope with this.

Typical usage per user is light email, light web browsing, accessing documents from servers and use Lotus Sametime. Based on this sort of usage, could anyone give me a rough idea of a sensible user:AP ratio?

Thanks- Damien.

New Member

Re: How many users per AP?

The way we are anaylysing the usage on a AP is by monitor the inbound/outbound traffic and the number of clients associated simultaneouly. We are using MRTG (its free) to graph the above 3 variable and accordingly re-engineer the wireless coverage.

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Re: How many users per AP?

So is there any guideline or recommendation on how many users per AP? I tried to search the Cisco site and the web, but it doesnt seems to have any answer to that?

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