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How to configure laptops to associate with a specific AP

Here's my scenario... I have a classroom with 30 laptops and 2 AIR-LAP1141N-A-K9 APs. The laptops are used to connect to a website for math class flash-player type tutorials (

I created a (non-broadcasting) WLAN specifically for these laptops - WPA2 AES encryption. I also created a wireless  profile on the laptops so that when they connect to these APs their connection speed is 144 mbps; web site content is displayed properly. When they connect to one of my AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9 APs the connection speed is too slow (11 mbps and slower); content bogs down and does not display.

I want to pair the laptops and APs so that the laptops will ONLY connect to these specific APs and the APs will not accept any other connections - only these 30 laptops.

I'm using a WLC4404 (ver. and the laptops are Dell Latitude E6500's with Dell 1510 Wireless-N WLAN mini-cards installed.

I can't find how to configure this. Is it even possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to configure laptops to associate with a specific AP

After doing a ton of reading I figured out the solution to my problem.

First, I had to recreate the WC-Math WLAN so that the WLAN number was a number higher than 16 (see note below from Cisco’s website). I set the WLAN number to 20.

When you upgrade to controller software release 5.2, the controller creates the default-group access point group and automatically populates it with the first 16 WLANs (WLANs with IDs 1 through 16, or fewer if 16 WLANs are not configured). This default group cannot be modified (you cannot add WLANs to it nor delete WLANs from it). It is dynamically updated whenever the first 16 WLANs are added or deleted. If an access point does not belong to an access point group, it is assigned to the default group and uses the WLANs in that group. If an access point joins the controller with an undefined access point group name, the access point keeps its group name but uses the WLANs in the default-group access point group.

Then I created a new AP group (WLAN > Advanced > AP Groups) named “Math-Class” and added the two APs to the group. I added the WC-Math WLAN to the group and rebooted the two APs. Turns out I had to reboot all of the APs on campus to stop them broadcasting the WC-Math WLAN.

I found the answer to my problem on this forum. I just had to go about it a different way than I thought. Thanks!

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Re: How to configure laptops to associate with a specific AP

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for posting back with your resolution here

+5 points for this very kind gesture to help others out.



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