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how to convert a config of an IOS AP into the proper config of a WLC ?

Hello All, I have a production site to move from IOS APs to LWAPP under a local WLC and I need to prepare the following steps

1- save all the configs of the IOS APs : ok

2- convert the configs of those APs into 'something' to be imported from the WLC: can this be done or will I need to put all by hand into the WLC?



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I had the same challenge when

I had the same challenge when I migrated form IOS to LWAPP.

What I did was duplicated my IOS config on to the controller. Once tested that I can connect to that with out changing configuration on the client side I changed the IOS AP's to LWAPP.

Coming back to your question about importing - I didn't see it. I just added it manually on the controller.

P.S make sure the AP's you are running is compatible with the code required. Also make sure country code is not an issue for you. It was for me since I am running bridges. So I left one AP on IOS.

You will need to convert the

You will need to convert the stand alone AP's to LWAPP's as well.

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