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How to get statarted VWLC

Hello folks!

     Excelent friday, we bought next part numbers to install a Virtual Wireless LAN Controller with a customer, I have configured a WLC Appliances...

     In the fact is that I have null knowledge of Servers & Virtualization, I am worried for this situation because I will install this software next week,

      any idea that howt to begin with this installation? what factors I need to consider?...

These are the stuff that we bought:




These are the requirements that I have found:    

• CPU: 1 CPU virtual

• Memory: 2 GB

• Disk free: 8 GB

• NIC: 2 or more (vNICs)   ??  for what??

Any input will be very apreciated, thank you so much

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How to get statarted VWLC

If you don't have experience with ESXi, then set the expectation that the customer will have to have an environment ready for you.  If they don't have experience doing that, then you are in a bad spot.  You will have to find someone to bring up a VM environment.  The reason for multiple nic is that some times you have different vSwitches and you might want to separate guest access or other traffic from the management.  The ESXi engineer would know more about this.  Your part list looks fine, but just go over the vWLC configuration guide to understand what you need to do as far as installing the software and get it running.



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How to get statarted VWLC

I will recommend to get the VM environment done by an expert first. Installing a vWLC and setting up this VM environment is  a whole different story.

For little know how you can go through the link below.




i would suggest just downalod

i would suggest just downalod a ova file from cisco web site and start working in exi server also check the scotts link he has shared a very good link for vmware basic. but if you dowload the ova file it will do the basic steps it self then youcan start using WLC normally. 

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Hello guys,           Maybe

Hello guys,

           Maybe this is a silly question, why when I try to download the .ova file Cisco´s web page ask me a service contract? I suppose that with the purchase of the licence I will download the .ova file.... Cisco commerce workspace never sugesst me a contract...

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