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How to identify WCS/Prime is sending info to MSE

Hi All, we are using Aeroscout as our location tracking with Cisco WCS. This is integrated and working. We are in the process of moving to Cisco Prime 1.3 and a new MSE.

Currently I migrated and brought online the new Cisco Prime, licensed and ready to go. During the migration it kept all the settings even the MSE.

So know I have one Aeroscout server and two clients...the original WCS and the new Prime.I need to verify which client (Prime or WCS) is really updating the MSE and thus aeroscout. Both show as being connected.

My fear would be that I remove the MSE from either Prime or WCS and that removal would propegate down to the Aeroscout appliance and break location tracking.

Aeroscout is not much help from the MSE side of things. But, they want me to remove one of them and feel that only one client is actually sending data.

Is there a way to find which client WCS/Prime is sending the info.

Thanks in advance,


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How to identify WCS/Prime is sending info to MSE

Certainly an MSE is only supposed to be connected to one management platform.

Have you tried reviewing the NMSP status in WCS/Prime?

And have you read this? There's quite a lot of detail in here about how it all works, can be troubleshooted, etc...

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