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How to improve this setup?

We have pieces together because of poor budget the following messy setup:

[ HQ T1 ==== Cisco 1600 ==== catalyst1900 switch ==== openbsd router/firewall ====== bay 28200 switch ====== netgear me102 point to multipoint] ==wireless== [tower ==== cabletron roamabout ==== linksys 4 port hub ===== Cisco ap1200 ]======= users (netgear ma101 usb, or lanready wub1500 usb, or 3com wireles to ether bridge, or dlink wireless to eth bridge).

I know, where to begin huh? What a mess, the joys of acquiring other's legacies, and our own ignorance.

We have physical lmitation as far as havintg to have an uplink to the tower from the HQ, we can't put tower on our building at all, so we can't eliminate that link, it's only a short distance, about 1/2 mile from HQ to Tower 1 but seems to be having weird issues.All wireless users can get to all IP's but many HQ lan systems can NOT get past the netgear uplink.

What could we do to improve this layout for better performance under load?

How well does Cisco AP get along with Cabletron (via ethernet) and netgear (via cabletron link)?

It would cost 1,300 to replace these two units with Cisco 350 BR, is there anythign to watch out for when mixing other products with the Aironets?

Thank you.

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Re: How to improve this setup?

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