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How to isolate wism's in a 'private vlan'

We run our ap's by 4 w

ism. How can I

achive that all traffic from wlan-clients is

forwarded to a router and not to other wism'

s in the same subnet?

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Re: How to isolate wism's in a 'private vlan'

Hello Hans, not sure if i get the question correctly, but, client traffic get decapsulated at wlc and is put on the network after the wlc to reach its destination. why would it go to the other wism? or maybe re-formulate the question, if this is not what ur looking for?

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Re: How to isolate wism's in a 'private vlan'

Our wlan nets are quite large (1024) and so we do not want that pc's in this subnet reach one another without going across

a router which applies our acl.

My impression is, that traffic in a subnet common to multiple wism's is switched without crossong the router.

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