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HREAP and roundtrip-latency


we are interested in using a centralized wlan management for our country location and read from the limitation of 100 ms roundtrip between the hreap and the controller. Are there any experiences concerning this problem? How does it effect the wlan and is there- except qos a workaround?


Re: HREAP and roundtrip-latency

You could try to increase the bandwidth of the WAN link.Also check of rMTU limitations on firewall if you have one.

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Re: HREAP and roundtrip-latency

We are using HREAP in several offices in our enterprise. Currently, each office has a minimum bandwidth of two DS1 circuits. We are not currently experiencing any latency issues in the four HREAP offices. Each office has a minimum count of two LWAPP access points. One office has 3 APs , soon to be 7 APs.

We too are interested in centralizing our WLAN enterprise. We would be very appreciative to find out if any other network admins are attempting to do, or have already done this.

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Re: HREAP and roundtrip-latency

I am curious as I have heard that there is a limit to the number of HREAP AP's that you can have on one controller. I have read that this number is 8, but it sounds like you havent seen this limitation.

How many HREAP AP's have you deployed? AP Types? What model of controller?


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