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I just need a quick poll here

I'm debating to upgrading to 4.1.171 but 4.0.206 is so stable. Cisco asked me not to I guess due to bugs but to do some cool things like RFID (Aeroscout exciters, etc..)I will need to upgrade.

What do you think?


Re: I just need a quick poll here

Ditto what Rob said. The 4.1.171 is fine on our controllers, but on WCS, I can no longer see clients. fortunately, I can still pull clients per ssid (per controller) via snmp in Cacti.

I am curious on what you are doing with the rfid

stuff. We are considering dipping into the rfid world, but we need an active & passive solution.

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Re: I just need a quick poll here

I'm looking into Aeroscout since this was the vendor of choice back in the old Airespace days.

They are the ones pushing for the 4.1 code in order for their exciters, and other tags to work. I'm not buying it just yet...since going from a stable environment to possibly an unstable one doesn't look appealing.

Quick question: Have you upgraded the WCS to 4.1 also?

We would have to upgrade the location appliance to 3.0 also so we are talking major upgrades and prayer here.

Re: I just need a quick poll here

We have upgraded WCS to 4.1.83 , WLC to 4.1.171 and loc to

It is stable as far as usage goes, but now I no longer am able to see client counts on the heat map or summary


Re: I just need a quick poll here

We are using WiSM4.1.171 and WCS 4.1.83 and we can see client counts in Network Summary.


Re: I just need a quick poll here

WCS 4.1.83 on Linux or windows?

We are running on Linux

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