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IBM w/ 2200BG crashes on bootup

I have several new IBM Thinkpads that have the 2200BG wireless cards in them. When you boot them in an area that has wifi coverage they blue screen. Of course they are blaming the network. Anyone ever seen this before?

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Re: IBM w/ 2200BG crashes on bootup

I have never seen this. I work for IBM - but not in the (former) IBM Thinkpad division.

We have a large number of Thinkpads with the Intel 2200BG, I am currently using a TP T42P with this adapter. I have never had or seen this.

The Thinkpad Access Connect profile tool often crashes when I attempt to use a LEAP profile with a saved password, but this is a different issue. Only the SW profile tool crashes and only when the password is saved in the profile.

Have you checked that you are using recent firmware and drivers ?



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Re: IBM w/ 2200BG crashes on bootup

Hi - Yes, presuming you are using AireSpace controllers.

There are some known bugs with the AireSpace firmware...

CSCsc82863—Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptops with Intel 2200 b/g or 2915 a/b/g clients may

bluescreen and reboot after associating to a Cisco 1130 or 1230 access point that is running LWAPP

with PEAP encryption. This problem occurs most often during logon, but it may also occur during


CSCsd22087—Intel 2200 b/g clients cannot pass traffic with an AP1000 in 802.11g mode. This

condition remains for 5 to 60 seconds and then recovers, but it can occur quite frequently.

Upgrading to the latest FW ( fixes these two, but prior to it's release Cisco were denying that the second one exists... So maybe there's more to come?



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Re: IBM w/ 2200BG crashes on bootup

I am still experiencing bug CSCsd22087, even AFTER upgrading to the new firmware. :(

This is happening on Dell D600's.

Re: IBM w/ 2200BG crashes on bootup


I have thousands of laptop with centrino 2200 or ABG card and isolated many problem...

First, intel proset verion 9.2 or above(never tested 10) do bluescreen when they renew IP adresse or when certain P2P are active. Downgrade to 9.1 if you use that version.

Second, with the latest version of IOS(12.3(8)JA), intel proset version 8 does bluescreen on connection to the wireless network. I had hundred of student at my helpdesk the day after my first upgrade run.

Hope's this help

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