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New Member

import local net users to Cisco Prime 1.2


We have 4400 WLC that has about 400 local users configured under local net users and we are deploying Cisco Prime 1.2 in our company. Does anyone know how to import these users to Cisco prime? I was told that it could only be done manually like re entering all 400 entries to Cisco Prime! if this is the case it 'll be tedious.

Thanks for any help.

New Member

import local net users to Cisco Prime 1.2


Complete the following steps to migrate data from WCS:

1. Place the WCS export ZIP file (for example, in a repository or folder (for example, repositories).

2. Log in as the admin user and stop the Cisco Prime Infrastructure server by entering the ncs stop  command. Configure the FTP repository on the Cisco Prime Infrastructure  appliance using the repository command as shown in configuration  snippet below:

pi-appliance/admin# configure

pi-appliance/admin(config)# repository pi-ftp-repo

pi-appliance/admin(config-Repository)# url

pi-appliance/admin(config-Repository)# user ftp-user password plain ftp-user

Note: Make sure the archived file is available with the show repository command.

3. Enter the ncs migrate command in order to restore the WCS database.

pi-appliance/admin# ncs migrate wcs-data repository pi-ftp-repo

4. By default, no WCS events are migrated. Enter the ncs start  command in order to start the Cisco Prime Infrastructure server after  the upgrade is completed. Log in to the Cisco Prime Infrastructure user  interface with the root login and the root password.

For mmore information you can refer to the cisco prime infrastructure deployment guide:

New Member

import local net users to Cisco Prime 1.2

Thank you Manti,

This shows how to import user information from WCS, however it is not helpful for me as I do not have WCS and I like I said in my post, it is stored in the controller itself.

Any clue?

Thanks again.

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